Artist Statement

As a visual artist, many factors play in the creation of a work. Beginning with an actual experience, fleeting thought, something read or heard, these are just some of the impetus that provoke me.

I have been making prints for awhile now and use the various techniques to render the different pieces evoked by the aforementioned stimuli. 

I was given a poem to read, FIVE WAYS TO A KILL A MAN, by Edwin Brock and immediately was drawn to the images that  unfurled . It is a work that not only condemns war  but the loss of our humanity. In the series of the name, I used the process of gum bichromate, a 19th century technique, generally used as a multilayered photo process. I have taken and used it with only one layer to produce images that are painterly and lend themselves to my work, when I'm dealing with memory or faded passages. In FIVE WAYS TO A KILL A MAN, I  used a silhouette of a figure floating on the page. Within that silhouette, I have encased images pertinent to the stanzas of the poem. I then used graphite to define certain areas, without fully rendering, so the viewer can then of their own accord fill in the missing gaps.

In the work, BORICUA ANTHEM-BBOY REDUXI again employed the gum bichromate process but printed the image on a NYC transit map. This connects it to the urban experience and hip hop culture, as well as racial and sexual references.

The natural world as we know it is diminishing, both in theory and reality. Diaspora, race, identity, heritage, immigration and urban versus rural catch phrases, have been set in motion on an increasingly connected, but shrinking global stage. Paying homage to this notion, I created rectangles of color in silkscreen that incorporate figures of familial ties alongside iconic images that are universal and readily apparent as symbols of specific locales or peoples.  "PAGINAS DE UNA HERENCIA",can be read as a tiled wall or pages of a book.

There is a lot of lip service paid to various "hot" topics. Things once known to a select few, have now become world wide patter. Global travel is not so distant anymore, and places once unheard of, have now become stomping grounds for tourists and their baggage, especially well heeled ones. With that in mind,  I began making a series of bags-shopping bags to be exact. "PARA EL CONSUMIDOR EXIGENTE-LE BAGAGE CHIC-(INUTIL PERO BELLO) consist of a print folded into a bag, rendered in gum bichromate with images pertinent to what is occurring to our eco system. The handles are chains  and found objects. The bag is not readily divulging it's contents-while the avid consumer,  with no clue as to their carbon footprint, purchases yet another item,  something they must have. 

In DIOSAS, SACERDOTISTAS Y AMAZONAS , I am trying to display the inherent power of women in their different capacities. Using a standard dressmaker’s form, I took the silhouette, embedded it with various images which in some cases pertain to the relevant goddess, priestess or amazon mentioned and in others just a potpourri of symbols and forms that are personal to me. This silhouette has then been cut in a certain way and what’s left are the “bare bones”, if you will, of this power. The viewer is left to fill in the gaps.

With the piece DESAPARECIDOS-OLLA, I used three oil inks- yellow, red and blue, to create a monoprint which would imbue an everyday object with drama and mystery. I depicted a pan burnished from years of use, isolated, emerging from a dark background,suspended  as if in limbo. I wanted to pay homage to these objects, that although broken, rusted or old, still have an intrinsic quality of their own.